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Betta fry grow-out barracks

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I'm wanting some input on my design. Essentially there will be six of the 7 gallon rubbermaid storage bins (they are roughly 23"L x 17"W x 7"T), two on each shelf of a heavy-duty utility shelving unit. The unit has 5 shelves measuring 24x36 inches. I can fit two bins on each of the three middle shelves and one larger bin on the bottom shelf that will house the pump, heater, and filter media. The return flow (blue) will be made of PVC (whatever size matches up with the pump) except for the lines going into each bin which will be flexible hose.

The drains will be placed high on the sides of each bin and will be a larger diameter than the return flow and made of flexible hose. Rather than having them all join up with a central drain line, I'm just going to have each tank's drain go sepperately to the sump.

Inside each bin will be 12 cells made of plastic craft mesh, thus allowing the system to hold up to 72 betta fry.

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So this is for after you separate the fry? Seems like awfully small compartments, most seem to have a few gallons per fish in their barracks.

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Yes, this is for fry once they need to be sepparated. I'll be doing at least a 50% water change every day, and the system will be cycled with a filter.

And most breeding operations I've seen use jars to sepparate their betta fry until sold. Most of the jars are 1/2 gallon or less. The barracks for my adults allows 2.5 gallons per fish.
Are you a member of the ibc? They would probably have a better idea.

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I don't know what that is. I'm basing this setup on one used by a very expirienced and sucessfull betta breeder from another site. The only difference is that she used 9 smaller bins with 6 cells each that only housed 52 bettas total. I have a larger shelving unit available to use, so I decided to go with the larger bins.
Which breeder? Just curious. The ibc is the international betta congress, big betta breeder organisation, they are the ones who hold all of the shows. It's only $20 to join and they are super helpful.

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Unfortunately, she doesn't visit the site anymore, but I found one of her old threads that detailed her spawning process and showed her fry grow-out setup.
Oh I was just curious if it was someone I knew, if you look on YouTube for bettascapes barracks sherolyn has an awesome set up. You also may have good luck asking at bettafish.Com there are quite a few breeders there.

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This isn't a permanent barracks for desplay, this is to grow out fry until I can sell them. Just thought I should clarify.
Good luck

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