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Betta fish swim bladder?..... But how?

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Hey guys.
I just noticed my betta has been exhibiting some symptoms of swim bladder.
His stomach is bloated, he is having trouble swimming to the bottom etc.
However, I do not over feed him!
Yesterday, i did not feed him (I do not feed my fish for 1 day out of the 7 days in a week) and when I do feed him, I give him 1 or 2 pellets or a blood worm.
He still seems very energetic, but this is strange.
What is this?
How can I help?
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I see him eat duckweed but spit it right out a lot.
Could this be a contributing factor to his "swim bladder"?
Some bettas are more prone to this than others. We have 7 bettas and one is particularly prone to this, yet he is healthy in other ways.
What we do when ever he get floaty is give him s small portion of a blanched pea. The amount of pea is about the size of his eye. Then he is a better for a few weeks until he gets bloated again.
Google betta, swim bladder and pea and you'll find plenty of instructions on this.
I've read that double tails are more prone to swim bladder disorder than other bettas. Even if you are not overfeeding they can still get it. When you drop betta pellets in the water they are dry and they start absorbing water. They may expand inside your fish and cause constipation.

as others have said, fasting and feeding veggie matter can help.
mayb it his time to leave this world an rise to the heavens on fishies :) my deepest suympanies to you :(
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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