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My betta that I've had for about a week and a half keep swimming back and forth again one side of the aquarium. He doesn't flare or anything while doing this so I don't think he's seeing his reflection, and he still eats fine and is curious about my cleaning the glass or adding plants.

Here's some pictures of him, I don't have a video but I can get one if that will help.

Plant Vertebrate Botany Organism Water

Water Fin Fish supply Botany Organism

He gets those rainbow colors when he moves out from under the light, I don't know much about coloring or anything, but I thought that was pretty cool :)

So I'm not too concerned since this doesn't seem to be affecting his health, but I'd like to know why he's doing it so I can fix it. I want him to swim around the whole tank, not just pace that side.

Thanks for any advice!!

EDIT: I just realized how dirty my aquarium looks in the second picture! I had just cleaned off the glass/heater/thermometer/etc and added water so there's chunks floating around. It's clear now though :)
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