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betta fins in fluval v

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my dargone scale bettas dorsal is getting damaged in the fluval v spec. he was in a 3 gallon with a finnex 5 filter and has been fine. i recently upgraded and it may not work out. any suggestions?
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Is the filter return too powerful?
Several people have cut slits in the outtake tube and/or put in a 2 littles fishies valve to reduce flow.

I just bought the valve, haven't installed it yet.

I am fish less cycling my Fluval spec V right now the flow looks very strong.

Also consider placing a decoration and some plants in front of the outtake
Dammage from intake? Get pre-filter sponge put it on intake as for out flow , different ways to dampen that.
Water current is always something to watch with bettas. It beats there fins around and most bettas have underdeveloped muscles due to there breeding conditions and how must lfs house them. I would do a pre filter sponge to see if that helps first.
I switched a different betta into the fluval, a female. she gets around the current much better. the thing with the fluval is there is no place to put a prefilter. he was just getting sucked to the intake while he was trying to sleep. the flow is turned all the way down. poor baby. but hes back in a 3 gallon now.
There is no way you could cut a sponge to fit the filter
You could get a piece of foam filter sponge and cover the "overflow" intake. How about using a shower caddy with suction cups positioned over it and use it as a planter? I had to look up your fluval to see what it looked like to get better ideas for solutions.
Can you lift up the sponge insert as high as it goes so it is blocking the slits instead of being below them? That should lower the intake suction a bit. My betta used to do that in his spec all the time.
Thanks for the ideas. I did just now raise the sponge. thanks for the idea. i will keep an eye out for one of those suction cups things. the design of the spec is very clean and i dont want to junk it up. lol. i will keep an eye on the female. hopefully she will get along better.
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