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Betta Fin problems

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Just got this crowntail betta last week. Have him in a small tank for a week or 2 to make sure he is ok. His fins have developed a little fuzzy looking material on the tips. The photos arent very good and the water isnt as crappy as it seems, but please tell me what this might be.

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Sounds like the beginnings of fin rot. I couldn't really see anything in the pics. If fin rot is caught early enough, which I think it has, just be sure to keep his water extra clean and also pick out uneaten food. Try to get some blackwater extract, which can be found at PetCo (the nearest to me keeps it in stock), and add some extra to his water (the water should be REALLY brown). This method has worked for me in the past. Also, since this guy is a CT (Crown tail), his water should be kept clean to ensure his fins stay healthy. CTs, HMs (half moons), SD (super deltas), and other long, big finned bettas need a little more care than PKs (plakats).
Thanks for the info. I have never had a problem with my bettas before.
If you get meds for fin rot, be sure and get pimafix instead of medfix (sp?). I have been told that Medfix is gram postitve, and most fish problems is gram negative (pimafix is for gram negative problems)...I have both! I use pimafix more than medfix.

Good luck...Your boy is beautiful!! I have 2 VT betta LFS rescues!
Thank you suzie, will check into that. He is very compact, good proportion, a blue/almost black with red. Stunning.
There is a whole lot of helpful info on bettas here. That's where I found the most info when I got my Betta "curly". I recommend Betafix to help the tail heal and keep up with those water changes. Your Betta should be fine. It's hard to tell from the photos what the problem is. It could be fin rot, a bacterial infection etc. Good luck with your Betta I hope everything is ok.
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