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Betta eggs?

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Well I finally got my female in a seperate container in with the male in the 10g tank. He worked really fast at making that nest, i was so shocked. She is even a little excited and started making a little one inside her container. Im going to breed them soon (this weekend?) and I heard it takes about 36 hours for the eggs to hatch. (look like hairs hanging from the buble nest) Does it really take 36 hours? Than you so much! Kelly, :redface:
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36-48 hours is average. Water temperature factors quite a bit into it.

How long have you been conditioning the pair with good foods?
2 weeks, ive fed them a lot of dried bloodworms. How long would the female carry her eggs? It's been at least 2-3 weeks, and I think shes getting skinnier :(
Dried foods are OK as occasional treats, but not a staple food. Ideally, get them on lots of live foods to condition them to breed. If live are not an option, frozen are a good 2nd best. Plus a good quality (not grain-based) pellet or flake.

If she's getting skinny again, she's absorbed her eggs and is not ready to spawn. Get her on a better food regimen and she'll probably egg up again.
I have given her some flakes too, I juist give her dried blood worms more. I can feed her some frozen blood worms and brineshrimp too. How long would it take her to egg up? And since shes so pale its hard to see if there is any verticle bars. Would her making a buble nest, tell you that she is ready to breed? Sorry i guess i still have some questions.
Pale? Is she pale like her color looks faded, or is she just a pale color all the time?

Could you post some pictures of her?
Ah gotchya. Looks like she's got some marble & cellophane genes.

I'd wait until she eggs back up, probably a few weeks on a better food regimen.

And I agree you need to add lots of plants and hiding spots in that spawning tank. I'd personally also keep it bare bottomed to make it easier to clean once you've got fry in there. is a good resource.
Yeah i added some plastoc floating plants. I dont think they mind, he hides in it and actually made his nest right in the middle of it. Ok ill start feedng her a better diet and put her back in her 5 gallon. :)
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