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Betta Crazy?!?! (56K Warning)

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My buddy, jayayssohn (he's on this forum), has gone Betta Crazy...

Here are some photo's of the fish he has (I'm posting it for him, cause he won't haha)

Giant Show Betta

Another Giant Show Betta



Male Macrostoma

My buddy ** jayayssohn ** has about 22 wild betta's and I think 6 betta's from the LFS...

Leave comments! He'll read em here hahahha! Thanks for looking!
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love macrostomas! very nice plakat in the first pic too
The last one is just unreal! I wish our lfs was this exciting,
I wish somebody would breed some Macrostoma on this forum!!
Man I love macrastomas... So pricey though or I'd have some myself. Those are beautiful.
I use to breed Macrostoma but gave it all up for hospital bills.
Suck when you have something good going on and bam the next day something bad happen.

Nice betraying thought, love the wild type.
Wow. Some bettas are way too cool!
the Macrostomas I bought them on thewetspottropical u may need to email Anthony..
More pictures to come, hopefully this weekend of jayayssohn's Macs..there are other betta's he owns also. With his permission I'll try to take pics of all of them!
The last one is just unreal! I wish our lfs was this exciting,
The LFS only sold the Half Moon Giant Betta's and the Albi, the Macs were bought from a guy online.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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