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Betta and algae problem

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I have a odd shaped 7-8 gallon tank. Its light is a 15 watt CFL. Lately i hav been getting some crazy algae growth, light is 8 hours a day, and i know this is really basic but i need something to om nom nom the algae, i tried some amano shrimp in my past betta tank and that was very helpful.

Any recommendations?
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What kind of algae is it? Ramshorn or Nerites will eat most algae. The Nerites won't reproduce either.
It's on the glass just regular green algae
Check this page out. Has good suggestions on dealing with diff types of algae.
My Ramshorn snails tend to get their antennae nipped off so that they look like Shreks... It doesn't seem to bother them though, and they do a great job of eating algae as well as food leftovers and plant detritus.
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