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Best way to prevent jumpers

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Hey all,

I had my first jumper today - a hatchet who is now in a better place..

As I decided before, the first jumper I have is when I will build something to prevent more. I thought about using a simple window screen net with some furring strips (wood strips) to make a nice square to fit over my tank. The only issue with that is the reduced light that my plants will get.

Therefore, I would love to hear about any other ideas before I pull the trigger on the "window screen idea".

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rimless + hatchet fish = lots of dead fish

I use a glass lid, then the slot in the back: I cover that with plastic canvas (the stuff you get at a craft store for sewing pictures into). I just cut it into strips and set it into place.

Here's the thread this came from Official DIY disaster thread - post your blunders!! (lots of pics)
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best way to stop jumpers is cut there legs off!

if you dont want a lid glass/eggcrate/window screen due to light diffusion then you really only got two options lower the water or build up walls ie canopy or just walls to have them bounce back into the water.
Glass top or get different fish
I've heard other than using a very fine garden mesh, that putting triangular sections of clear acrylic or plastic etc on each of the corners has prevented a few people's fish from jumping but regarding hatchet fish I'm not too sure if that would make a difference

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At least one decent sized floating cover(large plant, turtle dock, fake log etc) that fish can dash under instead of jumping when spooked. Heavy amounts of floating plants will help. Ive read where hatchets might jump for flying insects so well fed might help. Personally i think building six inch "walls" around three of the four sides, coveredin burlap sacking or hermit crab wall strips, covered in pothos cuttings that have roots in the water and cling to and grow up the wall, makes a matural and attractive jumping guard. Add some splash tetras and see some weird fish behavior.
Thanks for all the info.

I did have a ton of floaters up until last week so that might have saved them. I will buy an acrylic sheet this week
Do not get acrylic. It will warp and look terrible.

There is window netting that won't block the light. Look at speedie408's first 120p journal
Can't post ebay links but search for "clear polypropylene mesh". I used it along with a re-screening kit made for windows for the frame. You can get that at any home improvement store. Worked great when I had hatchets.
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