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I got two 3X5 mats of dwarf baby tears and i wanted to know whats the best way to plant it. I keep seing that when people by pots they break them up into plugs and plant little plugs. But the websire i got mine said "plantable mat" so they meanpant the whle ma and be done? For now i made dents in my sand to get coder to the dirt then i anchored them down with led weights. If i do have to break them up and plant them in plugs whats the best and safest for the plants way to do that? and how deep into the substrate do they need to go? ib red just the roots and iv read all the way till just one leaf is sticking out of the substrate. Thanks for the help


P.S. i run 4 WPG , CO2 and fertilizer twice a weak.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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