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I'd like to disinfect an empty 125g tank and all its component pieces, canister, heaters, nets, etc., basically everything. I was thinking to use potassium permanganate to disinfect everything that will ’look' clean, i.e., not any organic material. What would be the recommended method to do this? Fill tank and add sufficient potassium permanganate so the solution stays pink/purple for at least 4-6 hours? Repeat? If so, how many times? I plan on disassembling the canister and putting all hoses, o-rings, canister baskets, nets, aquarium lid, everything, inside the tank for the soak. I’m planning on using SeaChem Prime to stop the reaction, then drain the tank, dry everything, refill, and start a fishless cycle for a dozen discus that I plan on getting.
Usually I disinfect small items like fake plants and such using freshly prepared 10% bleach for at least a 5 minute exposure but 10% of 125g is 12.5 gallons of bleach, which is a bit much. I thought about putting only 40 gallons of water in (4 gallons of bleach) and throw everything in and use a turkey baster to wet the sides and upper rim with bleach solution but the bleach fumes may prove a bit much.
Thanks in advance for feedback.
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