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Best way to completely diffuse co2 into tank?

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I'm using a sump setup on a 54 corner tank. I have my co2 diffused by a chop stick and then into the return pump intake. It diffuses into fine micro bubbles and is spread completely through out the tank. But I'm annoyed by the bubbles. The best way to describe it is like sprite soda.With a sump setup what would be the best way to completely dissolve the co2?

Another type diffuser stone
Inline diy reactor
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DIY Reactor is your best bet.
Exactly and its fairly easy/cheap to build
I'm having good luck running my CO2 line into the bottom of a small Rio powerhead. I have the outlet of the powerhead about 3/4 of the way closed, that way when the bubble hits the impeller it has more time to get chopped up, and when it comes out it's a super tiny mist of bubbles that slowly creep across the tank. It's a 10g so this works pretty good.
My Mix Max has been churning away for months now. Had to modify it very slightly when I got it but its awesome. 100% dissolution and crystal clear water. Only bubbles are from plant pearling. O2 collects under the leaves and floats to the surface when the fish disturb them.
I tried the Mix Max (externally) and it leaked like a seive. Noisy too. germanyt maybe you made the right modifications. I'm not that clever (lazy). Went back to a ceramic diffusoer. Works OK.
I noticed immediate when I went from a do!aqua ceramic diffuser to a rex reactor. Less algae, and now I have some awesome pearling everyday. Especially since you have a sump it should be easy just to connect it to a pump
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