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Best time for photo period?

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I was just wondering if there are times of the day that are better or worse for that matter, for your tank's photo period to be running.

I like to have the tank lights on in the evening, and watch the fish so I currently have my lights set up to run from 4pm - 10pm. Could that have any adverse affects on the plants or fish? I usually only get direct sunlight into the tank at sunset, and so the lights are already on. The tank sits in a pretty well lit area, but there all of the windows that are closest are north facing. (I live in Ohio, USA) So it's pretty well diffused lighting.

I've been struggling with BBA algae, but I was thinking this was more to do with not being diligent enough about water changes and over fertilizing... which I have corrected!

Any one have an opinion on the time of day of a photo period and if it has an affect when it differs the typical daylight schedule where you live?
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As long as it's not during night/dark hours (I might turn on the lights earlier in a month), it's fine. The fish need some rest time with little/no light.
I have tried different light periods.
I think it depends in what kind of light and how much.

My tank sits is in our kitchen, and gets plenty of natural light.

I found the one that works best for me is 8.5 hr, from 2pm to 10:30pm.
I turn on co2 2hr before lights on and turn it off 1hr before light out. This has worked well for me for the last 1.5 years.
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