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In looking for a high quality (relatively accurate and at least legible) test kit I found the Lamotte and Seachem test kits which compare as follows:

Seachem Test Kits - (75 tests in each) - priced on Amazon
Nitrate $12.19
Phosphate $18.47
Potassium = None
Iron = $18.73

Red Sea Reef Care Potassium Test Kit - (40 tests) = $44.10

Lamotte Test Strips:
Lamotted SciEd Insta-Test Water Test Strips; Nitrate and Nitrite Strips = $10.90
Lamotte Insta Test Copper & Iron Pool & Spa Strips, 25 tests = $21.00
Lamotte Insta Test Phosphate Low Range Pool & Spa Strips (50) = $11.50

Lamotte Liquid/Tablets Reagents Tests: (UK prices converted to dollars, which presumably are nevertheless much more costly than the prices they'd be available in the US)
Lamotte Nitrate 1-15 PPM (50 tests) = $58.99
Lamotte Phosphate Educational Kit (100) = $27.00
Lamotte Phosphate Professionat Kit 0-20 PPM = $79.30
Lamotte Phosphate Professional Kit 1-100 PPM = $97.16
Lamotte Iron Test Kit (50) = $68.29

Lamotte do have a Multi-test Colorimeter Drinking Water Test Kit, which comes with a digital photometer to take the readings, which is awesome... That multi-test does ph 5-9, chlorine, iron 0.1-3 PPM, Nitrate 0.1-25 PPM, Sulfide 0-3 PPM, has reagents for 50 tests, and costs $215.32. So not all the test that I'd want, but a few of those would be helpful and I'd certainly prefer a photometer to trying to eyeball test results.

Lamotte also do have a Hydroponic Water Testing Kit: AM-41 Hydroponics Combination Kit Measures nine essential nutrients, including pH, Nitrate Nitrogen, Ammonia Nitrogen, Phosphorous, Sulphate, Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium and Iron, which I was quoted a price of $790 for though... And their HP-1: 4-in-1 test (50 tests) measures PH, Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium, at the bargain price of just $423!

So the Seachem tests average $0.22 for each individual test, the Lamotte strips average $0.43 per test, and the Lamotte individual reagent tests average $1.37 per test.

Now, if I have a very large planted tank with say, expensive discus and which needs to look good as its in a prominent location, then I wouldn't mind paying a bit extra to obtain a relatively accurate result once or twice a month to ensure my parameters and dosing are stable. And I'd heard the Lamotte tests are the best, though pricey, but are they 6 times as good as the Seachem tests? Or are the Seachem tests perfectly fine to use, and legible to read accurately?
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