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Best T5HOs to bring out blues?

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Hey all,

So recently I've noticed my blue marble angels look better with the lights off than they do under my 2x T5HO fixture. Their fins are a nice deep blue in natural lighting, where as they're washed out and transparant looking under my lighting.

I'm currently running a 10k White bulb and an ATI purple bulb and while my plants look great, my fish look drab. Can anyone, preferably someone who has blue angels and T5HOs, recommend a bulb set up where I can get the best of both worlds? Note that I'm not really looking to make them look artificially blue, I'm looking to make their natural colors display better under lighting.

Thanks! Sorry if I've broken any rules by posting here :nerd:
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You want them to look naturally blue you need natural lighting..
Both your lamps shoot past the blue you are trying to see really..
Not to mention the brighter the light the more glare...

Adding something like this to your 10000k bulb should help.

T5's aren't my thing nor are blue angels but it looks like you need more light in the blue/cyan range to bring out the natural colors..
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