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Tri-Phosophors have the highest PUR-efficiency (the amount of plant usable photons per second per watt).
Philips Aquarelle, Sylvania Aquastar, Interpet Triton, Hagen PowerGlo to mention some of them.
They all have a very characteristic spectral distribution with three distinct spikes and alot of blue light, so you can find similar bulbs yourself: 16 - Triton spectrum.jpg

The reason to why they are so effective at growing plants is because they have less phosphors and manage to transform the electricy to light in a very effective manner and that without spending so much energy creating green/yellow light.

By manipulating the three spikes a good color rendition can be achieved, like TV:s make all their different colors.

I've calculated PUR-efficiency for bulbs and collected the data here:
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