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What kinds of shrimp food do you guys use to feed your shrimps? I think i need to find a calcium base shrimp food for my shrimps.
What brands do you reconmend and what websites i should use to buy em.
Food that help molting would be great too

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So far, I have spirulina pellets (I think?) and algae wafers... first shrimp food, came from a local breeder. Said she buys this off of Ebay. Shrimp in the 90+ tank go *nuts* over it! Shrimp in the 20g are like "Oh look. Food. That's cool." and mostly ignores it... (even though the majority of the shrimp in the 20 came out of the 90! LOL)

And the foods the 20g shrimp *will* eat include...
Fluval Shrimp Granules
BW Bee Pollen
BW Bebi (baby shrimp food)

Purchased through Amazon. Some of it came from Aqua Emporium

And there are these websites, too.

DiscoBee The highest quality products for Dwarf Shrimp keeping.
Han Aquatics, Your One Stop Shop For All Your Aquatics Needs

I have a small colony of shrimp right now, so I've got far more than I need! (not counting alder cones and indian almond leaves, too). Would like to eventually try some other products as well.

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I use Sera shrimps natural as the staple diet, and occasionally feed Hikari shrimp cuisine, Hikari algae wafers and Omega One veggie mini pellets to mix it up.

They don't eat very much, but they tear up the Omega One pellets. The first ingredient is kelp and it actually smells like seaweed instead of grains and fish oil.

I got the Sera from the shop where I bought my shrimp, it's what they feed their stock. It has calcium, alder cones, spinach and a few other things good for shrimp.

I'm always open to trying new things, curious to see what other people feed.

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All I need...
- BorneoWild Bebi for the babies (#1 most important IMHO)
- Fresh Dandelion, Mulberry, Kale, Spinach leaves (no need to blanch)
- BorneoWild Grow & Hikari algae mini wafers (helpful but not a must' if you have fresh leaves)

Just for chits-n-giggles I add using a turkey-baster / filters turned off for 20 minutes...
- BorneoWild Stout (I use twice-weekly)
- Mosura Gravidas to supplement Chitosan (I use once-per-week but not sure if really needed?)
- BorneoWild White to supplement Calcium (I use once-per-week but not sure if really needed?)
- Indian Almond Leaves are a plus'

..... and if you don't already have one, get yourself an RO filter !!
(complete 100GPD 6-stage RO/DI filter can be purchased for $100 w/free shipping at purewaterclub)

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I had some of Jakes om nom nom shrimp food, I think. I got it for free and they ate it. I primarily just cranked up the lighting period and let algae form on my driftwood. The babies all collected on my sponge intake and picked through it. I had dozens of RCS in a 20g that was solely for shrimp. I rarely fed them and they multiplied endlessly.

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My shrimp attack anything I put in the tank. I buy my products from either discobee or buypetshrimp.
I cycle between these, some for color enhancement, protein, etc.:

SL-Aqua More Meat
SL-Aqua More Veg
SL-Aqua White
SL-Aqua Magic Powder
SL-Aqua Vitality

MK Breed Red - red TW tank
MK Breed Black - blue TW tank
MK Breed CheeseBurger

Lowkeys Doublespeed
Nigons Baby Bacter

L'Bee Fruity'Bee
L'Bee Spirulina'Bee

Joe's Aqua Snowflake
Ebita Breed Jo Hinomaru Bentou
Shrimp Nature Blue

Indian Almond
Beech leaves
Oak leaves
Guava leaves
Amaranth leaves
Mulberry leaves
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