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Best RO or distiller

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I was interesting in knowing what people on this forum are using to get pure water and recommend a generic RO (no softener) machine or distiller available at local retailers.

Im looking for
1) interchangeable filter designs
2) something that's low cost (i.e. not have to spend an extra $100 on filters a year)
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i like my spectrapure for the price. sediment filter, carbon filter and ro membrane gets me from 150s tds to 1-4 tds. came with a built in tds meter on the in/out lines. i think i paid around $125 for it and membranes arnt too bad. Mines only 25GPD though. I would deffinetly go bigger if you can afford it. its a pain to hook it up and fill my 5 gallon storage tank...
I use this one:

No issues so far, I'm very pleased with it. Probably made over 200G of RO/DI water with no need to change filters yet. You'll need to buy a seperate TDS meter though (~$20).
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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