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Best Rimless Tank Brand

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I am in the early stages of planning an entirely new high-end build. Looking at the classic ADA, and now the million other brands (UNS, Aqueon, etc.). Does anyone have any recommendations for tank brands and retailers? I'm probably looking for something like a 60P, and likely have to order online unless anyone knows any retailers in the Philadelphia, PA, USA region.
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UNS has 45 degrees cut corners which is different. Other than that their tanks has similar quality glass and silicone lines to waterbox, aquamaxx, landen, etc.

Aqueon is definitely worse than any of these, even their new frameless models.

ADA is slightly better in their silicone work then anyone else. And I mean 'slightly' as in you need to examine it with your nose a few inches from the glass to tell any difference.

If it were me, I'd buy whichever (non-aqueon) one was cheaper delivered to my door because the difference between them was not worth obsessing about.
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