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best reactor?

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My atomic diffuser isn't really cutting it. In your experience what is the best inline reactor? I plan to run this on a 29 gallon tank so how long do you think it needs to be? Any links to the builds? thanks in advance!
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Probably a cerges or rex griggs style reactor, there are several build threads in the DIY section.
Another Griggs vote here.
how much do these reactors actually slow down your flow rate?
I'd recommend a Rex Griggs on a 29 gallon. Cerges is better but it's larger and slightly more expensive. It shouldn't slow down flow much because you're pushing the water through a larger opening. Just make sure you don't use any fittings that are smaller than your tubing size.
IF you have a canister filter (I know, not likely on a 29gal tank), I think that one is the best inline reactor. If it doesn't choke on the bubbles (some Filstars have that tendency).

AFAIK external inline reactors also need a canister filter as the driving force, unless you want to dedicate a separate pump.
i have a rena xp2 with an xp3 impeller. ill look into making a rex grigg reactor thanks for all the help!

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