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best pump to use for my planted 55 gal

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Ok here is the run up on my tank,

I have a 55 gal that has about 50 plants in it. the plants grow at a normal rate.

This is the first time i have had a planted tank, i have had a tank for 15 years but only with fish and one or 2 plants.

Now i have combination of Fish and Plants, all my plants are anti fish eating plants such as Anubis ect.. My fish are cats, pletcos, and convicts.

I used to have a magnum 350 but it finally broke a few years ago, and i replaced it with a HOT filter. (the ones that hand on the tank, that did the job well until i got my plants, now it gets so dirty so fast that i can hardly keep up with the cleaning of it. At least once a week.

I then put filters on my power heads to further assist in keeping the dirt/algae away but those get filled up daily. I then bought another HOT filter and that one also gets dirty fast.

My tank has no algae on it at all and my water gets that green tint until i do a water change then it is clear.

I want to upgrade my filtration system that will be easy to clean as i don't have a lot of time to spend on cleaning the filter weekly.

I did not realize that the plants would get my filters that dirty. Any suggestions on what filter is easy clean that would keep the tank clean also and remove the green tinting in the water? I would like to replace both filters.

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