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best places to buy plants from us online

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hello, i have read the pind thread in section but it looks to be couple years old and few websites i tryed dont exist anymore. so i have been buying most of my plants on ebay but its hit or miss and plants dont seem to do that great from ebay.

does anyone know of a good reputable place online in the us with priority shipping at reasonable pricing? I HAVE LOOKED AT PLANTED AQARIUMS CENTRAL but theycharge $20 for shipping they said its because they use wet newspaper and insulation so i didnt finish buying i only checked out with 4 swords after i seen that high shipping price i changed my mind about them.

just checking to see if theres any new places peopel had good success with im looking for a place thats has good plants of all types and not just a specialty in one as im trying to buy a misc of different plants. i tryed aquabotanic there store was down when i tryed 2 days ago for upgrades or something and there shipping seems fishy they dont charge u money for shipping they said they charge ur credit card but wont tell u how much ot costs on your receipt or statement just seemed fishy to me. i would appreciate fast reponces as i woudl liek to find a good place with decent pricing and hopefully have some plants by the weekend. and i was looking on aquabid seems like most the sellers there are hit and miss they will rip you off or they will give u good plants depends on who gets the short straw i didnt see one seller with all positive feedback most of them had 10+ negatives and neutral.
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I can't offer much for online vendors, but have you checked the swap and shop here? lots of members sell nice plants at good prices, and shipping is just the standard $5-10, depending on the size of the box. in general, I don't like buying plants from vendors. You never know what you're actually getting, and they always skimp out on the quantities/size of plants
+1 on the swap and shop. The folks there have been great and I've gotten some great packages from them. When I was planting my tank, I was looking at spending $120 in plants from online retailers, but for $40 I got enough plants to stock the whole thing, and that $40 included shipping. Also keep an eye out for RAOK they are always great and sometimes you can get some surprising stuff.
Post a WTB in the swap n shop here. Or,
great thanks i will take a look at stop n shop. hopefully if i can get a deal if i buy in bulk
I second Bought near close to two dozen orders from them past years, great shipping and nice plants. Great customer service as well, I bugged them alot on my take in order via website lol.
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