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Best place to find plants in STL?

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I bought some hornwort from AquaWorld the other day (it's growing but it was only half green and I had a lot of die off from it) and am interested in finding some Java Moss or other kind of easy ground cover for my low-light nano tank. Does anyone know the best place to find some?

Also, where is the best place to buy freshwater cherry shrimp?
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Tropical World Pets has always done well by me. They have a decent selection of plants if you catch them right after they've gotten a shipment. Almost always have java moss and java fern.

They also sell RCS for $3, some of the other types of shrimp for $8-10.
They also offer a 10% military discount, the first pet store I've found that does that, so they keep my business pretty easily =)
I just bought eight nice cherries from them too. $2.99 each and two were berried and one has already given birth. A tiny piece of hornwort will turn into more than you can ever use in a few months. I'm throwing the stuff away all the time. I have a vase that is choked full of it and had to move my shrimp because they kept getting their eggs snagged on the stuff.
I didn't know about AquaWorld on Gravois... Can't believe I've been driving out to Watson (I live in the Tower Grove area) when such a great place is a little over a mile away! I met Chris and she was awesome! Answered any question I came up with and was happy to talk to me. Their plants all looked great and they have quite a large assortment of freshwater fish and accessories. Really liked the place.
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