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Best Lighting for red plants.

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Hi guys,

Having spent the last year messing around with LED lighting I've come to the conclusion that I cannot achieve red colouration in some of my plants without spending a lot of money on a good LED light unit.
The one I have grows plants really well and keeps my red tiger lotus and alternanthera roseafolia really nice red colours.
I'm running in to trouble with my rotala rotundifolia however as it has not changed colour since converting to it's submerged form about 2 months ago.
I have tried lowering nitrates and increasing micros on EI method but to no avail and am nearly certain that my light or light temp simply isn't right for this plant to turn a nice pink colour which is a shame as I've wanted to own this plant for a long time and don't want to give up on it.
getting to the point, I am going to purchase a quad T4 unit and wondered if anyho0ne could suggest the best combination of lights for a high tech tank. I know very little about T5's so apologies if this is a dumb question. Essentially I would like for the plants to grow well, especially getting the rotund' nice and pink, as well as making the colours of the fish "pop" as they say. the LED unit I have now dies kind of wash the colours out of the fish's appearance :(

Hoping someone can shed some....ehhemmm

Thanks in advance for any opinions offered guys :)
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Pink/rosette bulbs in combo with 5000K,6000K bulb's can help plant's appear more red not necessarily more healthy.
CO2 seems to be big part of producing more red with more than a few species from photo's/journal's of other's.
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