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Best light for 55 gallon freshwater

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Can anyone advise what is the best light for my 55 gallon tank?

I was using 2 x 54 watt T5 high output bulbs with pressurized Co2 and ferts until the ballast in my lighting unit broke and I was unsuccessful at repairing it. I was thinking of buying the the Hagen Glo T5 HO Linear Fluorescent Lighting System (double) but have wondered if this is too much light? Although I never had serious algae probs with the Co2 and the previous light set up, I could never quite get rid of it. Would I get away with just the single 54 watt high output bulb this time? This would work out roughly at just 1 watt per gallon. I don't intend to grow any plants that have high lighting requirements. My tank has never been over stocked or over fed so i am thinking that my previous algae issues could have been down to having 2 high output bulbs(??).
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For low light, one T5HO bulb would work fine, raised on the legs that the Hagen Glo light has. Without the legs it should give about medium light. The advantage of having two bulbs is that shading of low plants by high plants is reduced. But, you would have to hang the light fixture about 8 inches above the top of the tank to get medium light intensity.
Thanks for the quick reply. It could also save me a bit of money just having to purchase the single light unit. It would not be raised on the legs as my aquarium is 150cm long and the unit is only about 120cm so it would sit several inches closer to the tank surface on the extended brackets.
I have the 2 bulb t5 HO 108 total watts over my 55. Is this considered high light? also what would be the best bulbs to use? I currently am using one 10,000k and one coral life colormax bulb. what should I set the timer at for these lights?
Go to they have decent T5HO fixtures with bulbs for pretty good prices.
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