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I have a 10 gallon tank. It has Dwarf sag, java fern, jungle val and DHG (which I'm trying to grow a carpet of). I have sand as substrate with root tabs in it. I am waiting for my dry ferts to arrive in the mail soon. I also have a DIY co2 running. I have two clamp on desk lamps that i have been using.

What would be the best light bulb for me to use with this double desk lamp fixture and my other fert and co2 level so that I can grow the plants I have and not throw my balance out of whack?

I am asking this because I was using 2x23 watt 6500k bulbs and I'm starting to grow some algae quite rapidly I should say . So I got the other lamp out and am only using one of it with one 23 watt bulb right now.

Is this bulb correct for me? I am having a hard time balancing my light with the amount of CO2 my tank gets from DIY and the ferts I have.

Also can I use 2x23 watt bulbs with the set up I have? I bought these 23 watt bulbs because I wanted to grow a carpet DHG.

Please help.
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