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Best food for julii corys, dwarf neon rainbowfish, and celestial pearl danios?

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I'm looking at getting some more different types of dry food for my fish. Right now, I'm just feeding Fluval Bug Bites Tropical Formula for small fish for all fish. I'm starting to think that there's absolutely no way that the corys can get the bug bites because the rainbows and CPD go crazy for it at the surface. I'll drop in some hikari algae wafers I have and the corys seem to eat that because I'll catch them in a huddle around it munching on it, but I don't think that algae wafers are gonna sustain them forever as I know that they need protein.

What foods would you recommend for the corys and maybe even the rainbowfish and CPD if bug bites aren't gonna be cutting it?

I was thinking hikari sinking wafers for the corys and maybe some hikari micro wafers for the others. Anyone got any better suggestions?

Also, are hikari sinking wafers better than Omega One sinking catfish pellets with shrimp? The Omega One pellets look to have more protein which leads me to believe that those may be a better choice here.
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My new favorite is New Life Spectrum. There is fry type that is great, I use it in my shrimp tank where I put mystery fry that I find from other tanks for safe keeping until they grow large enough to not be eaten by other fish. Shrimp will love it cause it will just fall all over the place and they pick it up as they go. This Fry stuff is basically what they make the pellets and wafers out of, well the pellets but it's ground into a powder instead of a pellet. Their wafers have more plant matter in them than the pellets which are a little more protein focused. But both have protein and well rounded foods.

There are a good amount of different types or formulas of this brand but the quality seems better. It smells more potent too. I used to work at a Petsmart. I would talk people into the nicer foods all the time. Not because, like they thought, I was a "dog person" but because I had stocked everything in that store a hundred times and at some point read the back of every dog food to find the difference. The difference is quality; basically it's like a person going to a restaurant that does farm to table vs fast food restaurants. New Life is farm to table. My manager there said it nicely, "the lower priced stuff, like Pedigree... they might as well give their dog Fritos."

I like this brand, they use a lot more of the 'whole' fish or whatever creatures they use to make this stuff out of instead of the 'fish meal' that a lot of other brands use. The only bummer I have so far is that other than this fry stuff they make I can only find pellets and wafers, nothing that floats well or does well for mid water feeding fish. Large fish will snag the smaller pellets but these fish are 3-4 inches and still growing so they don't have a problem with small pellets.

So I toss in some flake stuff after these types to allow the mid water feeders to actually fill up. But anything New Life will be great for Cory and other bottom level dwellers. Ideally I do this brand for bottom feeders and then frozen foods for mid and upper. But that doesn't happen every feeding obviously, so flakes when I don't do frozen.
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I love Xtreme krill flakes.

When I had cories and rainbows together I would put a piece of clear plastic tubing (from a x large python I think) down to the substrate and drop food down it to the cories. Once the food reached the bottom I would release some at the top and lift up the tube. The rainbows would focus on the food at the top and the cories got as much as they needed.
The tube method above is a great tip.

Also good to feed after dark for the cories, Bug Bites are actually extremely good for them as well.
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