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best combination of bulbs?

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i bought a 24" t5 HO nova extreme today for my 10 gallon tank, but it is the saltwater version with a 10,000k and an actinic (they make a version with FW bulbs but this was a good price).

anyway i want to replace the actinic and maybe the 10,000k the only bulbs i have been able to find are an ultra sun 6500k super daylight and a flora sun maximum plant growth 5000k.

what would be the best combination of the 10,000k, 6500k and 5000k?

10,000k and 6500k
10,000k and 5000k
5000k and 5000k
6500k and 6500k

any help appreciated :)
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Keep the 10,000K light (it really isn't all that blue at all, it will work fine).

Swap the actinic blue for a 6500K daylight.... or anything between 5500 and 7,000K.

And the 3wpg measuring stick won't work with T5HO. T5HO is much more efficient at producing light, and therefore the wattage will pack a LOT more light-punch than the old T12 and T8 styles that the "wpg" rule was built upon. It gets even more inaccurate with LEDs.

But I think you're light will be fine as long as you're using CO2, esp. if you can raise it up a little.
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