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Best colour of Neocaridina for my planted tank?

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Recently I've entertained the idea of adding shrimp to my planted tank to help make it a bit more colourful and lively, and maybe tank care of any detritus or mulm that accumulates in the tank that I cannot see. The tank has a pretty even mixture of plants with red, orange, and bright green in my opinion.

I'm hoping to get a shrimp in a colour that contrasts the best with my tank. So far I'm thinking red rili, black rili, orange pumpkin, bloody mary, fire red cherry, yellow, any colour besides green, blue or all black/white. I'd love to get blue, but some of my current tank inhabitants already have that colour, so I don't want to overdue it.

Right now I think the best colours would be red or black rili. I feel orange might get lost in my Rotala 'Orange Juice' as it takes up a good portion of the background, but I'm still considering it. Yellow isn't my favourite colour, but I think it could pop nicely among the greens, reds and oranges.

What do you think would be the best colour?
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I don't know if you mentioned what kind of hardscape/substrate you have. Shrimp spend a good portion of their time crawling on hard surfaces and sifting through the substrate. If you have a dark/black substrate the reds really stand out in my opinion. If your going for a light substrate and a lighter stone like dragon stone, reds look good too, but obviously some sort of black shrimp would really stand out.
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