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Best CO2 Reactor to use with a SunSun Canister Filter

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Hey All. I am first time poster and a long time reader of these Forums. After reading through many posts I am torn between what type of reactor to build or buy for my aquarium. I recently upgraded from a diy yeast CO2 system to a pressure regulated CO2 system with a #5 tank on a 29 gallon aquarium. I would like to declutter the tank and run an inline reactor and possibly a heater from my SunSun 303b's return line. Previous posts have mentioned dimensioned flow rates mixed with inline attachments and SunSun filters. I am looking for anyone who has had experience with running reactors with this filter. I am also interested in both positive and negative experiences using commercially available reactors or diy type Griggs or Cerges reactors. Really any insight or design advice would be appreciated.
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I have a Cerges reactor on my SunSun. However be warned that your flow will drop.
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