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Fluval 95G
This is an amazing CO2 kit for the price!
I've been running the included CO2 cartridge for almost 3 weeks (11hrs a day)-for the first 2weeks! at 0.8bbp and 1.5 bbps to the first 2 weeks to incuraged alot of Plant growth. The bottle is still almost full! I bought an adapter to fit a 20oz paintball cylinder so I can use the regulator that comes with the kit expecting the co2 to last a week or two but it's been holding up! I would highly recommend this kit! Keep in mind if you want the CO2 to last make sure the CO2 system is leak free!!! If you want an easy solution here it is! I have a few negatives like how ugly the included bubble counter is! I just went to a local store and picked up a nice small glass bb counter.

Fluval 95G CO2 kit
Hydra aquatics paintball Adapter
Teflon tape
Tippmann 20oz Co2 tank
F zone silonoid
Ista check valves

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