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I tore down the fish area this weekend and will be putting it back together today. The bottom row will either have 2 55g or 3 29g. I may change it to 3 20g longs if lighting a 29g becomes an issue. The top shelf will have 5 to 10 10g. I had individual lights for each tank but am going to use over head lighting. I will be using either flush mount or chain mounted plug in type shop lights. The entire set-up is 12' long and 16" deep. I would like moderate light and will be adding in co2. I want to lower the top shelf down one block if I can flush mount the lights.
Which regular old shop lights or grow lights are the best bang for the buck?

Here is my set up:

I would need 3 of these:

2 of these:

2 of these:

2 to 4 of these(4 if I double up):

I already have one of the T8 diamond plate lights. I'm just a bit worried the t5 will create too much heat for a flush mount for the middle row.


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