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After some house reorganization I will be setting up a 32G Fluval Flex (with improved lighting). I would like to start growing the carpet plants now, on mesh in a shallow tank with soil (probably ada amazonia II).

I am looking for easy to moderate plants, not difficult. So assume "medium" lighting, not "high" lighting. I'd rather have robust plants than high-maintenance beauties.

pH 7.2, GH 8, KH 4
temperature will be ~ 72 degrees
Soft sand substrate (but soil initially to establish carpet growth)
White cloud minnows, Panda cories, neo shrimp, nerite snails.

For reference, in my current 15G tank, the mosses, java ferns, anubia, and crypt wendtii are all doing well. So I know moss will work for a carpet, but I'd like a few different carpet plants if possible.

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