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Best Brands of Frozen Foods??

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Just wondering if there is a difference in the brands of frozen foods. So far I have noted three big brands: Hikari, San Fransisco Bay Brand, and Ocean Nutrition. I also wonder if its even worth having frozen foods shipped.
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JBL Novofex for me is good (it is FD ..freezed and dried)
Also Sera FD tubifex
Not much of a difference with regard to serious brands imo
Hikari frozen is the only one I feed. Cleaner.
+1 Hikari, best there is! Petsmart is where i get mine.
Another one for Hikari. If you buy it in bulk like from fosters and smith its a lot cheaper. I just bought a ton of Hikari frozen food (3.5oz cube packs) and even with the 25 dollar shipping I still got them for 3-3.50 a pack, nomally 5 bucks the the local petsmart!
Hikari frozen is the only one I feed. Cleaner.
+1 on hikari food, i feed both dry and frozen.
Another +1 for Hikari.

This is just my experience; I had both the SFBB and Hikari frozen bloods and I always notice that my corys attack the Hikari bloodworms much more vigorously than the SFBB bloodworms.
Add me to the Hikari group. I also love the San Francisco Bay frozen foods.
San Francisco bay brand is all I can get and I find it clean and my fish stay healthy eating it once a day..

glass worms, brine shrimp, and brine shrimp with spirulina is what I feed most often.
I've used the hikari and San Francisco Bay brands and they both work well.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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