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Best Background Plant

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Hi. i have 75g with 260w of light and pressurized co2. i was wondering what would be the best or what you guys use to hide the equipment in the back of the tank such as a heater. what would be the thickest and could best cover up the equipment?
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I suggest: Hemigraphis traian
note that tall rigid stem plant
against this 29gal's right glass;
L. Aromatica has formed an impenetrable, organized jungle in the corner of my tank, completely hiding a powerhead that's sitting right in the middle of it.
Wow. i really like the Rotala Rotundifolia. it looks like it would be perfect for my tank. it will complement the other plants in there. thanks!
eleocharis vivipara
if planted properly, trimmed and, combed regularly.

in fact, i'm about to plant some.
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