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Our beloved family angelfish has been acting sick the last 2-3 days, nothing clearly wrong with him but not eating and spending time in a corner. Usually he follows us around, is super curious and just a joy to behold.

I've been changing the water 50% every 3 days (so 2 WC now), cleaned out the canister filter a week ago, but nothing else so far as I know fish sometimes have temporary constipation or swim bladder issues.

This morning he looks worse, struggling to keep upright. He does have some red at his gills and the base of his fins but I'm fairly certain that's his natural coloration (bleeding heart it's called?)

I did have a group of Congo tetras develop sepsis in this tank but that was over a year ago, I had isolated them and treated them etc. I had treated the rest of the tank too with antibiotics. The angelfish might have a bit of red at the base of his fins but its hard to tell. None of the usual red bloody streaks one sees with sepsis.

Not sure if I should isolate him (I can set up a hospital tank quickly) but I know that would stress him etc. He is struggling to stay upright right now, never a good sign.

90g tank running for 4 years, moderately planted
Eheim canister filter 2017
Ph 7.8, temp 24C
Amm 0 nitrites 0 nitrates 30 or so (from a few days ago I'll check again tonight)
5 angelfish (only one full size, the sick one)
25 ish tetras of all sorts
A few cories
A royal farlowella

I have most common medications but being in Canada it's now illegal to buy some :( Ive been keeping fish for years, and they come and go but dang it if we havent become attached to this guy. He was a rescue from a bad petshop and was doing great for six months.

View attachment 1030273

short videos, last night vs this morning

older video about a month ago showing the whole tank

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