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so at the begining of the summer i thought i would down grade and get rid of my 30 gallon and all it's accessories like lights, filter, CO2 cylinder and such but not the regulator (payed to much money to sell that). recently i came into a bit of cash (meant for a car but i can skim a bit off) and started working in a pet store again so the itch was back and needs to be scratched. this time though i'm taking my time to get every thing so I'm satisfied with the equipment first then figure out the tanks scaping, plants and stocking. this will be a way for me to catalog what is happening with the tank and to get other input from people about it (also have a thread open at AC plant forum too).

for this set up i'm going to do it the way i want the 30 gallon i had last time so i'm getting a 40 gallon breeder (what i have really wanted) at some point and going high tech with it. this will probably be expensive but thank fully i have been getting some good deal on equipment recently. Just recently got a 20LB CO2 cylinder (steel) for about $50 not sure if this is a good deal but the price seamed reasonable to me. also today i won an auction on ebay for a 36" Sunlight Supply Tek T5 (4x 39w) light fixture for 150ish shipped so CO2 and lighting seems to be set up for the tank. now all i need to do figure out filtration (2 canister i know that), build or find a good stand, deside on a good substrate and finally deside on plants, fish and scape for the tank.

here is a picture of the Cylinder i got not the best but it will work.

when i get the light i'll post some pics of them on here too. i'm really exited i won this and will be paying just a little more then if i got a cheaper brand like Fishneedit (i use them and like them but still it's Tek)

i really want to rush right in and get the tank all set up but i'm forcing my self to be calm about this but it is so exiting. this should be sooo fun :tongue:
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