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Beginning New Tank

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A friend gave me a gorgous fish tank that I want to keep in my living room. I want to try my hand at a planted tank with some pretty angel fish. The tank is a 37 gallon TALL tank that measures 20" (l) x 18" (w) x 24" (h). You can see a picture of it here:

[link removed]

It came with a Marineland Emperor 280 filter (1 Bio-Wheel) but I have a Emperor 400 filter (2 Bio-Wheels) that I can use if it will help matters. The hood only has room for one fluorescent light which I am aware might be a problem. We are not opposed to building a hood with room for more lighting down the road. However, I am hoping we can get started with what came with the tank.

I am a complete newbie when it comes to aquarium plants. I would love some recommendations for planting the tank. What plants, how many, and where would you place them if this was your tank? Please keep in mind the 24" height of the tank and the low lighting. Thank you in advance for putting us on the right track!
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Welcome to the Planted Tank! There seemed to be an issue with your link, I removed it. If you have a photo of your tank you can post it here as an attachment.

Good luck with your new tank. The best way to get started would be to read a lot about planted tanks. You've come to the right place.
I recommend you the following plants (you may also see where to put the in the tank):

Midground: Cryptocoryne wendtii (both "green" and "brown"), Aponogeton rigidifolius, Echinodorus ozelot (both "green" and "red"),

Background: Cryptocoryne crispulata var. balansae, Limnophila sessiliflora, Vallisneria nana, Vallisneria americana,

Foreground: Sagittaria subulata, Sagittaria platyphila (you may also use this plant at midground), Ceratopteris thalictroides (recommending to put it into the corners or may also use at the rear of the tank)

Drift woods: Anubias barteri, Anubias nana, etc. (Anubias sp. like alkaline waters, if you use so many drift wood they may rot)
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