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Beginning Live foods, micro worms, vinegar eels, Grindle worms and other....??

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I have a good collection of live foods and I can share cultures to get you started. What I don't have at the moment is a Grindle Worm culture. If you have or know who has Grindle Worms, let me know.

If you want any of the following, let me know I am happy to share a starter culture: Vinegar Eels, Micro Worms, Banana worms, Walter worms and on a good day, daphnia and scudds. On a good day is because Daphnia are hard to harvest in the winter, and scudds seem to come and go.

Advise to the beginner: Micro worms are easy and they last a long time in a small container if you don't have fry to feed for a few months. Every fish room should have micro worms. They live for a week or more in an aquarium so it is hard to overfeed. I put micro worms in with eggs before they hatch so the fry can begin eating the moment they hatch. But micro worms settle to the bottom of a tank so you need a bare bottom tank for fry. Vinegar Eels are easy to keep, once you have a container of them you can set it on a shelf and come back a year or two later and harvest them, they do fine with no attention at all. But they are harder to feed, it takes a while to separate them so you are not putting vinegar into the tanks. It is easy, once you stop reading the junk on line. Vinegar eels swim in the upper level of water so they are up where the fry are, making them easier for fry to eat and they live in tanks for many days. They will even breed in plain water, not well, but they will breed. These two are all most fish rooms need, easy to keep and have a long life in the tank, can't overfeed. Always ready on the shelf to feed that unexpected hatch of fry. Or just micro worms is adequate. Extremely small fry? Then bannana worms or walter worms are 1/2 size of micro worms and they culture the same.
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