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Beginners learning curve

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Happy to be a part of this community. We just got a 36 gallon tank for Christmas and did quite a bit of research leading up to it, however we are basically first timers.

We set it up overnight, however we seeded the tank with some substrate and filter material from a friends healthy tank. We added a few fish and everything seemed to be going well for about 2 weeks. Then we noticed some white specks, and determined it was ich. We treated the ich with minimal loss.

I have been testing the water every day and have never seen any ammonia spike, nitrite spike, or nitrate presence. We were fully prepared (at least in theory) to do a fish in cycle, but have seen no evidence that anything is happening? Thoughts?
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Your friends’ seeding material would get your cycle going rapidly. It is likely that you are cycled, particularly since you are seeing no ammonia readings. Your plants need nitrogen, which can come from many sources. If your light is not too high and you aren’t injecting CO2, then your fish will probably supply all that is needed. The Eco-Complete will fill any gaps.

Do the weekly water changes that you wish to do. For ich, I recommend Seachems’ ParaGuard. No need to raise the temperature.

In general, it sounds like you’ve done some decent research and are off to a good start. If further problems develop, report back. Keep an eye on algae and, if it gets out of hand, let us know.
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