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Hello their. My name is Daniel and I got into the fish tank hobby about 3 years ago and had a 29 gallon fish tank. I changed it up so much that I made it boring so lost interest in the fish tank hobby for half a year. So then made the choice to take down the fish tank and get rid of it but my wife actually enjoyed it when it looked pretty and liked to watch the fish so got me to keep going and I was able to convince her for me to get a bigger fish tank, so after a lot of thinking I decided to get a 45 gallon and was planning it out until I got more information and found out about the awesome beautiful colorful rainbowfish. So after some more information about these species and seeing how their are soooo many beautiful different colored rainbowfish I decided to get myself a 75 gallon fish tank and to go planted with some fake plants mixed in as well. So really enjoyed it and still enjoy to this day and enjoy looking at my wonderful fish tank and watching the plants and fish grow bigger. The 45 gallon went to my wife and kids and what fish they want in them. Just this little amount about me. :grin2:
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