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These are grown with no Co2 in my low tech tanks. I did a rescape so have alot of left over plants that wouldn't fit in. Some are rooted and some are trims. I do have snails so please dip if you don't want snails.

Packages 25.00 for everything I can fit without squishing the plants into a small flat rate box or everything in the picture in a larger box for 40.00 shipped plus some frogbit and salvinia and a small moss ball. PM for paypal information and I will ship first thing Monday or Tuesday mornings.

Plants this go round are sold but feel free to PM for trims in the next few weeks if you are looking for easy no Co2 plants.

*Would also like to trade for yellow neo shrimp*

Plants include
Narrow leaf ludwiga
brown hygro
dwarf green hygro
lobelia cardinalis dwarf
hygro augustofolia
red wendtii crypt
hygro compacta
bacopa carolinia
guppy grass
dwarf sag
rotala rotundafolia
brown narrow leaf hygro (unsure of real name)
limnophilia aquatica
amazon sword plantlet
maybe some duckweed

I also have a JBJ Picotope light fixture (only the fixture) to trade or sell. It has the original stock reef light that came with it and I'd like a light to use for my plants on my 3 gallon tank. LED or florescent, doesn't matter. If you are looking for a small reef light and have a plant light you aren't using, might be a great trade for both of us.
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