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So i have just started out in the aquascaping world :)
Hoping this forum will be able to help answer my many questions.
As i am just starting out, I am looking to have a low tech setup, so my research has been based around this.

So heres what i have so far:

  • 3FT Standard Tank
  • Dynamic Power 1000/l Hour external filter
  • LED lighting (probably need to upgrade to suit a planted tank) hints?
  • Mopani Driftwood
  • DIY C02 Generating Substrate Recipe

After reading multiple forums etc online i have come across a DIY Substrate which seems to be really popular however i haven;t been able to find such DIY recipe on this particular forum... You can see the 'recipe' here: Cheap Sand-based CO2 Generating Sub
It contains:

  • propagating sand (1st layer)
  • Marble Chips (2nd layer)
  • Blood & Bone (sprinkle)
  • Laterite (optional)
  • Peat Moss (Optional)
  • Propagating Sand (Final Layer - Washed to remove clay)

I'm wondering if anyone has used this? - The forum i have found this isn't really as active as it used to be so i haven't heard back on my post there. I have brought all the supplies except for peat moss and laterite. It does say optional, however there would be a reason they were included in the first place?

Driftwood - So i purchased some driftwood from my local fish shop, Mopani wood. I've been boiling and soaking as per the recommendations, but the tannins are still there, any hot tips on getting rid of this quickly?

Expanding Foam - I am looking at doing some kind of water fall feature, I have purchased some expaning foam and would like to use this somehow - but my question is, how do i go about sealing it? Instead of using the traditional cement mix to achieve the natural effect, i am wanting to use coir peat sprinkled over the top and sealed in somehow. Could i use a varnish? what is safe for fish plants?

Filter Media - Ok so forgive me. I did previously have a fish tank but always just had a standard carbon filter. The filter i have now has three filters (biological, chemical, mechanical) - For a plant based tank, what should i use?

Hopefully you guys can help. As i haven'y started out yet i havent got any picture, but i will be sure to post those when i get up and running!

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You won't get rid of tannis quickly, soaking for months will get rid of it. BUT you can buy purigen, even with much tannis it will make the water crystal clear.

For filtration media - sponge first, then ceramic rings/pumice/any other biomedia, nothing more is needed. If you will add purigen- put it in the end (just before the pump). You can use a thin sponge at the end too, to protect the pump from any small particles.
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