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Begginer CO2 Questions

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Hey All

Im new to the planted aquarium arena

I currently have put together my first fully planted tank.

200 L Jewel Corner Tank
ADA Penac W under the substrate
ADA Power Sand (base layer)
ADA Amazonia Aqua Soil (top layer)

Its moderately planted at the moment and has been matured for about three months. I have some cherry shrimp in there now (it was a few however they are breeding like crazy). Im looking at introducing some fish soon.

Im concerned my plants are not getting enough light / CO2. Im replacing the old lighting system with two T5 day lights with reflectors. That should help things. I currently have a manual (gas can) CO2 system. Which is rubbish however i needed to keep costs down after spending a considerable amount on the ADA bits and bobs.

Im now looking at a proper CO2 system. I have a few questions and sorry if they are obvious.... i just want to make sure i get it right.

Im looking at using something like this: eBay item: (search for) Aquarium CO2 Regulator Dual Gauged Solenoid Magnetic Valve - £39.95

My question is how many of diffusers should i put in the tank? is one enough? or should i look at one in each side of the tank to ensure the CO2 is distributed evenly?

Im assuming i only need to have my CO2 running at night and not in the day? There is conflicting information so it would be good to see what you guys are doing?

Is there any any guidelines around how much CO2 i should be adding to my tank?

Many Thanks

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You want your CO2 to run when the lights are on. That is when the plants can use it. Most people start it say, 1hr before lights on then turn it off 1hr before the lights. You want to shoot for 30ppm of CO2 in the aquarium. You can look into drop checkers or a ph meter to help with this. Read more into the sticky's here and another great resource is
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