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Before I spend $... Reef to Planted Equipment question

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Basic question... Before I spend any MORE $... I'd like to use the equipment I already have...

I have a 55g with built in surface overflow and a 20g sump & wet dry filter currently used as a bare bottom tank with discus. I have a ball valve installed to bring the flow rate down to 300 gph. Unchecked it would be in the 700 gph range.

What needs to be done to use this filter system for a planted tank? My concern is too much splashing dispersing any Co2 I add. The overflow is fine (very gentle) but the wet/dry I see as a problem. Can I go with a filter sock and use some air driven sponge filters in the sump?

I'm only asking about the filtration portion of the equation...
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I have a sump, the problem is out gassing of CO2 - which is the only real problem with them. I removed the trickle plate, but I left in the bioballs in and try to keep the water level relatively high.

If you can seal the sump you don't have to worry, it works almost like a giant CO2 reactor as long as it is a closed system. I did it with saran wrap, just to see if it would work before I got into building a cover a drilling holes in in for filters etc, and it works great. My CO2 levels stay pretty constant- so much so that I just left the saran wrap. Piece a cake.
I got rid of my wet dry just because i got a good deal on a canister.

Ditto what turbosaurus said.

You could use a wet dry as long as you keep the water level high. Keep in mind you might have to run a check valve just in case your pump loses power.

You could also seal it to minimize CO2 losses.

Maybe you could do both.

I mean why go out and spend $200 to $300 on a canister when you have a wet-dry.
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Thanks! That is what I needed to know. I already keep the level very high but had not thought about sealing the system or removing the trickle plate... which I could easily do. Appreciate the help!
@TurboSarus : Saran wrap. What a great idea. I love it.
You might also want to use a standpipe in the overflow box. It will prevent splashing in the overflow box. I also added a bypass pipe to the input of the wet/dry filter so that water would not splash on the bioballs(i.e water goes thru the pipe and fills up the sump instead of trickling over the bioballs). I also reduced the flow rate of the pump, the flow rate has quite an effect of co2 loss. That is pretty much it. Before all these changes, my ph was around 7.6, after it is around 6.8.
@TurboSarus : Saran wrap. What a great idea. I love it.
I'm all about the path of least resistance. Although I have been referred to as cheap and lazy I prefer to think of it as inventive and thoughtful.:cool:
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