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Tank: Mr. Aqua 12G Long
Light: lighting techniks AQUA custom LED
Filter: EHEIM ecco pro Easy 60
Glassware: ADA SS lily pipes, Do!aqua diffuser, ADA thermometer, Mr Aqua CO2 Glass Diffuser w/ Bubble Counter
Hard scape: Manzanita driftwood
CO2: Aquatek CO2 regulator w/10lb tank.
Substrate: Azoo Bed Plant.
Stand: Custom in_wall tank
Dwarf Baby Tears

Pets: CBS, CRS, BKK, Ruby Red...

Update pics of the shrimps, and this is the list:
SS Xin PRL from Nick

SSS and SSS+ Kangshiang PRL

1,2 Bar BKK and 1, 2 bar Ruby Red From Nick

PR neo from Nick

Enjoy :p


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Looks dope bro! Now come get some shrimp to stock it! ;)
Give me 3-4 weeks to cycle it, then I'll pay you a visit ;D

This is awesome
very nice!
Thanks guys

Beautiful !
What are those round balls ?
The light is looking perfect. Can you share the link from where you bought the lighting ?
Balls is Ebiken Shou and Ebiken Nagomi.
The light is DIY 200 of the 5050 LEds, I'll post some detail of the light when I finish it. ;)
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