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I have attached a picture of my newest tank that I setup 2 weeks ago. The tank is a 30cm cube (small) made by UNS. The light is by ONF. The filter is a Biomaxx Nano Filter. The sand is pool filter sand (very cheap). The rock is Dragon Stone. The plants are two types of Bucephalendra (slow growing). It has 4 Chili Rasboras, 5 Yellow Shrimp and 2 Clithon snails. This tank is on my bedside table. I set it up to be very low maintenance. The fish eat tiny amounts of food so there is little waste. Any waste or algae is taken care of by the Clithon snails and shrimp. I probably should have used red or blue shrimp because the yellow shrimp are washed out looking in the light colored sand. I may switch them out soon.
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