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I set up this beautiful 10 gallon planted tank 2 months ago. Cycled and ready for fish. Currently inhabits 1 zebra nerite snail and 3 ghost shrimp. I was in the process of finding a betta, but life happened and I'm sad I have to get rid of everything. I put a lot of time, money, and care into it. My loss, your gain!

I wouldn't recommend this tank if you have never had a fish before. You need to know what a nitrogen cycle is and about water parameters: Ammonia, Nitrite, Nitrate, pH, GH, and KH. If you are looking for a beginner tank I also have a 5 gallon for a steal (*details at the bottom. The 5th picture)

I'm selling the 10 gallon tank as a set (1st picture). Willing to sell additional supplies separately. They are high quality parts and top name brands: Seachem fertilizer, Finnex Stingray light, Eheim heater, and AquaClear filter.

LOCAL PICK UP ONLY PLEASE :) - San Francisco bay area. I'm located East Bay. Call my cell: 913-957-4770 with serious inquiries. PAYPAL or CASH only.

-Eheim jager 50 wat heater
-AquaClear 20 HOB power filter w/ replacement filter inserts
-Finnex Stingray LED light
-UP Aqua Sand substrate
-Top quality food - New Life Spectrum All purpose formula (1mm pellets) and Hikari Shrimp & Snail food
-Live plants: anubias, java fern, dwarf hairgrass, crypts, swords, Christmas moss, vallisneria, pennywort
-Aquascape scissors and tweezers
-Seachem pH and Ammonia Alert
-Driftwood (Cured. Water is clear)
-glass hinged lid
-magnet glass cleaner
-glass thermometer with suction cup
-Scenic background picture

I spent $385 and will sell it for $225 OBO.

ALL OTHER SUPPLIES: (Willing to sell separately. Minimum $15 purchase)
-API freshwater liquid test kit- Ammonia, Nitrite, Nitrate, ph. API liquid GH, KH test kit (Spent $45, will sell for $20)
-Prime water conditioner ($5)
-Fertilizers ($5 each with FREE mini measure spoons & mixing container): Seachem Flourish 8.5 fl oz., Seachem Equilibrium 1.3 lbs KH2PO4 1 lb dry, KNO3 1/2 lb dry., Seachem Flourish Tabs 5 ct. ($3)
-Top Fin gravel vacuum - sanitized with bleach ($5)
-5 gal R/O water container (Spent $22, will sell for $5)
-Drip acclimation kit ($3)
-1 gal quarantine tank with undergravel filter, heater, lid, & light, w/ silk plant (I spent $30, will sell for $12)

$154 worth of supplies for $73

FREE SUPPLIES (with minimum $25 purchase)
-(2) 5 gal buckets sanitized w/ bleach (used for water changes)
-Medicines: Epsom Salt, Aquarium salt, T.C. Tetracycline, Metro, PraziPro, Seachem Focus, API General Cure
-13 Indian Almond Leaves
-Hand held liquid dropper/suction (looks like a turkey baster. bought it for $7 at fish store)
-2 fish nets

*FREE 5 gal glass aquarium, Top Fin filter w/ replacement filter cartridges, gravel, 2 large healthy anubias on rocks, 1 marimo moss ball, glass thermometer with suction cup (used for 1.5 yrs) with purchase of Eheim jager 25 watt heater $25 (excellent condition)

$105 worth of FREE SUPPLIES


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