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I'll be breaking down my girlfriend's 40 breeder within the next week, she'll be partially downgrading to a 33 gallon long.

All plants are on the chopping block.
BEARD algae has infected many of the plants.
All plants would require treatment prior to introduction to any tank.

40 breeder has about 1/3 the tank filled with needle java fern.
Misc crypts and such on top of that.

Since I get plants in all the time I get lazy regarding plants I don't want.

I could pull all the rhizomes and throw them in an emerged tank for propagation but since it takes about a year for anything substantial its worth my time to offload them.

Entertaining splitting the tank in two and providing half plants for $40.00 or all plants for $70.00

Also up for grabs would be:
40 breeder $38.00
Iron stand with black wood shelf $40.00
Glass Top $20.00

Will upload photo tomorrow night,

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