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Hi all!
I want to make an aquarium with sump sizes 160х50х50. Sump will be approximately the size of 70х45х45.
I plan to make water drainage a bean animal, but I had a lot of questions as I've never done the aquarium with sump.
The volume of water that must be pumped through the aquarium with sump should be 10x. About it should be 5000 l / h (1321 gph).
What is the sequence of constructing such a tank (with sump)?
1. Selected volume of water that must be pumped? In my case it was 5000 liters per hour (1321 gph).
2. Selected pump to establish the supply of water? For example Sicce SYNCRA SILENT 5.0 (5000 l/h - 1321 gph)
3. The selected pipe diameters that can flow through a flow of water.
All right or is this wrong?
As the best drain I found drain the bean animal. But so far I am completely didn’t understand how is it works.
Do I understand correctly that drain the sump used two tubes Durco, one of which Durso without air suction, the second Durso with the air suction? Emergency drain of course.
All the pictures overflow the bean animal show it in a special box. Is it possible to make this type of overflow as a normal Durso in mine? If so, why nobody does that (or I haven't seen?)
How to calculate the diameter of the pipes to drain the water in SAMP? I want to do, like the bean animal, ie 3 tubes. Full siphon, half siphon and an emergency drain. What is the formula to calculate the drain of water through the siphon and half siphon? The Volume of the water through emergency pipy (simple pipe) is equal The Volume of the water through pipe Durco?
One of the sites I found a picture, but I don't fully understand its.
a. The description of the columns is not clear for me: the fourth gives the flow rates through the pipe indicated in the first column? But what then in the description of the fourth column means 6 and what does the suction side of pump mean?
b. Do I understand correctly that in the columns 5A and 5B 6A and 6b shows the flow rate of water when connecting the pump to the pipe diameters (from the first column?). But here, I don't understand the instructions in the name of the columns 5A and 5B 6A and 6b 12f\s and 18f\s. What are these numbers?
In General, I don't know what the pipe diameters to use for drain and return. Very hope for your help.
Here's what happened as long as I have, if I understand correctly this table: when using pipe 3/4" full siphon will give me the flow 4472 l\h, and half a siphon will give consumption 4472/2=2236. All right? The two pipe (full siphon plus half of the siphon) will give a total of 6708 l\h?
How to calculate stock of sump? How to know at the time of design, how much could the water merge through the emergency drain without overflow in the sump?
Big thanks!:nerd:
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